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Basic Skills

InDesign CC

What InDesign can do? If your project consist of a print project that has multiple pages or a master layout, InDesign has the master page function to do this.

Illustrator CC

What Illustrator can do? Adobe Illustrator is a vector based drawing program. It is primarily used to create vector graphics that require to be scalable in print and for future uses. Whatever you create in Illustrator is scalable to the infinite power.

Photoshop CC

What Photoshop can do? Photoshop CC has arrived, bringing you unrivaled power and control to create images, designs, videos, and 3D models that look exactly as you imagined.

Professional Skills

InDesign CC

Mastering layout and composition concepts

Layout and Composition

Many designers overlook the importance of composition—it’s one of the tasks they do every day. But there are many techniques that you can use to help improve your designs at this fundamental level. Join designer Nigel French as he takes you through a series of real-world projects (business cards, magazines, posters, ads, and book covers) to help you improve your layout and composition skills with InDesign.

Learning about how every design element works together inside a composition

Graphic design principle

From there, you’ll learn about both symmetrical and asymmetrical balance and discuss some basic rules of thumb for dividing space within a composition. Next you’ll learn about establishing a focal point within a design by creating emphasis. Then, you’ll learn about rhythm and how it affects the flow of our work. We’ll move on from there and talk about unifying a composition using grouping, harmony and alignment.

Learn how color works in design

Color Theories

We’ll begin by learning about three different groups of color that, together make up the twelve segments of our basic color wheel. From there we’ll talk about how these twelve segments can change using tints, shades, and tones. We’ll then discuss color temperature followed by some basic rules for creating colors that harmonize. Next, we’ll learn about the psychology behind color. Then we’ll explore some of the tools within Photoshop for working with color. Finally we’ll walk through a process that will help guide us in making great color selections on a real world project.

Learn what typeface works with other elements and environment

Typography Theories

We’ll kick things off by breaking down letterforms and learning about their different components. We’ll then learn the difference between a typeface, a typestyle and a type family. Then we’ll move on and learn about line spacing, letter spacing and word spacing. From there, we’ll learn about working with large bodies of type and discuss different methods of alignment. Finally, we’ll learn about the process of choosing and using a typeface.


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